The Journey



Roselitt clothing didn’t just fall out of the sky, nor is it mindlessly mass produced to be lost in the world of department stores. NO. Roselitt is a journey. It starts in a small coastal town in California. Where the artist behind all the designs resides, and the lush rugged beauty is her daily inspiration. What often starts as a simple idea after a walk on the beach, will blossom into a 10 foot canvas painting of a mermaid offering a bouquet of flowers to a Mountain lion. There is no telling where this artists imagination will bring her brush, and the story it will tell. One thing is for sure, each design is truly unique and often an homage to the world we live in and its natural beauty. 


Behind the scenes, and behind the clothing is Schehera’s son Kai. Brought up in a house splashed with art and art supplies he grew up with a deep appreciation and respect for art, and artists alike. His love for art was the original spark that lit the flame that guides Roselitt. With a passion for fashion and a desire to bring his moms art into the world he created Roselitt. A place where unique art can be enjoyed by all in a truly unique way. Taking away the dull world of clothing so many of us find ourselves in on a daily basis. Sometimes what we wear says more than our words, and with Roselitt you can be confident and maybe just stand out a little. The days of buying an outfit that a thousand other people own are over. So feel free to express yourself with something from Roselitt.